Trogg's Hollow 2013 Honey Add-on
Even more good news everyone!  Jeff Reader at Readers Apiaries has agreed to supply honey for add on honey shares to Trogg's Hollow veggie shareholders. 

You can now add honey to your Trogg's Hollow veggie shares.  These will be whole season shares - June through September.  You can chose to receive 1lb a month for  $26.00 paid upfront or 2lbs a month for $48.00 paid upfront.  Jeff's hives are in Streamwood and Hoffman Estates and he sells at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market in the summer.  For reference, our family goes through 2 lbs of honey a month.  We use it in place of sugar in baking, preserving, and flavoring our tea and coffee.

Here's how it works.  If you are a current Trogg's Hollow veggie shareholder, (or want to sign up) and want to add on a honey share just send us an email telling us what type of share you wish to receive.  We will then mark down your choice and send out a confirmation email.  Then you send us a check and it's all set up. 

So, Pick one of the following. 

  • 1 lb of honey a month for the whole season (4 lbs in total) - $26.00
  • 2 lbs of honey a month for the whole season (8 lbs in total) - $48.00
That's it.  Pretty simple.  Tell your friends. 

Marcy and Trogg

Friends of Ours