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News Flash: Another add on and a new pickup site in Sugar Grove!

posted Apr 11, 2013, 1:26 PM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Apr 11, 2013, 1:26 PM ]
This just in: 

1>  Jeff Reader at Readers Apiaries has agreed to supply honey for add on honey shares to Trogg's Hollow veggie shareholders.  These will be whole season shares - June through September.  You can chose to receive 1lb a month for  $26.00 paid upfront or 2lbs a month for $48.00 paid upfront.  Jeff's hives are in Streamwood and Hoffman Estates and he sells at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market in the summer.  For reference, our family goes through 2 lbs of honey a month.  We use it in place of sugar in baking, preserving, and flavoring our tea and coffee.

2>  We have established a pickup site in Sugar Grove, IL.   This pickup site is actually at Sara and Tim's house from Naturally Naked Foods, the farmers providing the add on chicken and egg shares.  They are on Bliss Road just south of Seavey Road in Sugar Grove.  So, there, happy, happy, for anyone around the Aurora area.  We're looking at Sara and Lou Wisniewski in particular. 

3> Regarding these add on shares:  we have had several inquiries about how to sign up and if they are only for current shareholders.  First, if you're wanting one of these add on shares, call or email us,or message us on Facebook.  Let us know what type and size you'd like and we'll email you a confirmation.  Second, these add on shares are for 2013 shareholders as an added benefit of belonging to the Trogg's Hollow farm family.  If you want one of these add on shares then sign up for a veggie share.  Not only is a Trogg's Hollow share extremely good for you and a great support for your local community and economy, but it is a good decision for your budget.  We've done the calculations.  The price of a share averages out to around $35.00 a week.  You cannot get a 1/2 bushel of fresh, local, naturally grown produce for less.  Even our own farmers market prices will end up costing more.  We have many left, and remember, we do bi-weekly shares if you think our weekly shares are too much food.

Okay, we need to get back to seeding up basil, kohlrabi, parsley, lemon balm and flowers.  More next week. 

Marcy and Trogg