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Downtown Elgin Harvest Market time change sound-off

posted Dec 10, 2012, 12:02 PM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Dec 10, 2012, 12:02 PM ]
Tomorrow, the 11th of December, the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market Committee will be meeting to decide the time of next year's market.  Below we have posted the pros and cons of the 2 times they will be picking between.  Last year the market went from  4pm to 8pm.  The previous year the market went from 10am to 4pm and sometimes to 6pm.  This year the committee is deciding between 9/10am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm.  [TL;DR at bottom]

We have a disclaimer to make.  Trogg's Hollow is a member of the committee.  And, while we have a preference for what would be best for the farm, we take our membership on this committee seriously and as such are involved and vote based on what is best for the market.  As members of the committee we feel that the afternoon/early evening time is the best for the market because we have heard constantly over the last two years that making it available to people after work is better.  We also feel that for Elgin to build the market it deserves, and become a leader in the Fox Valley, this market needs to establish itself as a market that is available to everyone.  We have no disrespect for the people who can come between 9(10) and 2 but they can still come between 3 and 7.  The 3 to 7 time slot makes it so people who do not work downtown or have the day off can make it to the market. 

We would really like it if anyone who uses this market could write in, either on Facebook, or directly to the Market manager, Jennifer Benson, before tomorrow afternoon, and give an opinion of what time is better for the market. 

Here are the discussed pros and cons of the different time slots.

9/10am – 2pm - Lunch crowd, mommy crowd, used to have this time, more
customers, cooler temperatures, corporate customers, kid programming, make the
market a destination to learn and shop

3-7pm – After work crowd, similar to last year’s time, catching commuters on Kimball,
potential to grow

9/10am – 2pm - Changing time again – confusing to customers, where to put food they
bought, farmers do not prefer it

3-7pm – After work crowd is usually running errands and are in and out, not much
dinner crowd, heat of the day, do not linger long, customers seem to be more curious and
not buying, after work crowd likes the option to shop at the market but it is not part of
their routine

[TL;DR] So, in summary, the market manager and the committee need to see outside opinions.  We know many of our customers that shop at the market also shop with other vendors at the market.  We have heard opinions from many of you.  Please make those opinions known either on Facebook, or directly to the Market manager, Jennifer Benson, before tomorrow afternoon. 


Marcy and Trogg