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7/30/15 Newsletter

posted Jul 30, 2015, 9:31 AM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Jul 30, 2015, 9:31 AM ]

Well wow - here we are in the last days of July already, Hey August, where did you come from? Before we know it, kids will be heading back to school and “summer” will be coming to a close. But not really, because despite what the school calendar would have you believe, summer goes until nearly the end of September. And as far as we’re concerned, we’re just getting started! Soon we’ll have tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, zucchini! All those “summer” foods. It really makes you think, doesn’t it? All the foods we think of as summer foods come later. They need the summer to establish and grow. That’s the beauty of shopping locally - you get a better understanding of the cycle of things. And I know I for one definitely look forward to, and appreciate, certain things more now. I can buy peppers and tomatoes and even sweet corn and watermelon whenever I want, but knowing when it’s the right time really makes all the difference to me.

So all of you who pre-ordered, get your canning pots ready. If you pre-ordered peaches, we need your payment by THIS FRIDAY. If we don’t receive payment, we will not be getting your peaches. Please contact us with any questions. And for the rest of you, we’ll have them for sale by the pound at our farmstand as well as in Elgin and at the Huntley and Rockford Markets next weekend.

With August looming on the horizon, there are a couple of seeds I want to plant. First of all, here at Trogg’s Hollow we’re planning our Tomato Festival for Saturday August 22. Get ready to come and celebrate and make up for our cancelled June event. We already have music booked, and a salsa demo. So mark your calendars now! Also, the Boone County Fair runs August 11-16. Lots of fun things to do, including animals to see and tons of food. Check out our kiddos and their 4H petting zoo!