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6/25/15 Newsletter

posted Jun 25, 2015, 11:29 AM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Jun 25, 2015, 11:29 AM ]

“A whole summer ahead to cross off the calendar, day by day. Like the goddess Siva in the travel books, he saw his hands jump everywhere, pluck sour apples, peaches, and midnight plums. He would be clothed in trees and bushes and rivers. He would freeze, gladly, in the hoarfrosted icehouse door. He would bake, happily, with ten thousand chickens, in Grandma’s kitchen.”

  • from Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury

When winter is here it seems interminable, but then summer comes. Summer feels like normal to me. All the other seasons are something else, because summer is as things should be. It may be hot, it may be stormy, but it’s summer, and it’s just right. It’s not my favorite season (I give that honor to autumn), and honestly it’s exhausting, but it just is. So welcome summer!

We’ve been working hard in between the rainstorms to continue to get things out in the field. Everything is looking great and LOVING the heat and rain, because those are just the right things for plants. In my humble opinion, shares have been fabulous and lush already, and there’s more where that came from.

Remember that this weekend we’ll be at  Midway Village Museum’s History Explorer’s Day. The event goes from 12-4 on Sunday the 28th and is a “Hands-On Victorian Craft” event.In market news, we’ll be in Rockford, Huntley, and Logan Square this weekend. This week we’ll have greens, hakurei turnips, scapes,sugar snap peas(!), and grains from Hazzard Free Farm. If we have seedlings left we’ll bring those to Rockford and Huntley, but this is the last week for those so get them while you can!

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