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4/30/14 Newsletter

posted Apr 30, 2014, 12:42 PM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Apr 30, 2014, 12:42 PM ]
Here's a Top Ten list of things you should know about Trogg's Hollow electronic communications.  

 10. Electronic communication is always the best.  When we are in the field or at a market, which is most of the time, it is extremely hard to talk on the phone.  Sometimes we cannot hear you (on a tractor) or we have to deal with customers at the market or whatever.  All emails, Facebook posts, or tweets go directly to our phones and tablets so we can reply quickly when we have the next available moment.

9. We have many ways to communicate electronically.   We have tried to make ourselves available in every electronic medium possible.  We have this news group.  We also have our website.  Plus, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If there is an electronic medium that you want us on let us know.  Here are links to all our accounts.  
8. Each type of electronic media we use serves a different purpose.  Our website is where all the information about the farm is put.  It is not updated very often, except to post a new newsletter.  This is for long term, permanent info.  Our newsletter is where week-to-week info goes.  This will change weekly to monthly depending on the season.  If you want just a weekly update or very important posts then sign up to this group and make sure you read the posts.  Facebook is where we post daily things, share articles or other folks' posts.  We use our Facebook page as happy medium between weekly updates and direct pictures into life on the farm.  Which leads us, finally, to our twitter accounts. Both the farm's and Momma Marcy's are for quick pics or posts several times throughout the day.  Follow us here if you want in on all the action.  

7. You can edit your delivery preferences in this group or remove yourself completely.  We set up this Google group as our mailing list for a couple reasons.  First, Google wouldn't let us send an email to 1000 different people at the same time every week.  They were flagging us as spammers.  We are definitely not spammers.  You signed up to be on this list and asked for the emails.  Second, now you can change your email preferences or opt-out of our mailing list all on your own.  Its as simple as following these instructions.  https://support.google.com/groups/answer/46608?hl=en

6. We do not share your info with anyone else, but please remember that there is nothing private about the internet.  We do not sell or share your info with anyone else.  Period.  However, please remember that when you post or share or tweet or do anything on the internet all of your info is shared with anyone who wants to look at it.  Also, anything you post or share or tweet can be seen by the general public and it never really goes away.  

5. We put a lot of time into every newsletter.  Our newsletters are not generic copy and paste posts.  Sometimes is takes hours to get everything together and posted online.  Please know that we do not put these newsletter up for our benefit.  They are posted with carefully chosen content that we create to help our customers and shareholders.  We don't ask that everyone scours the newsletters every week but if these newsletters are not helpful and are not being read we do not need to spend that time. 

4. It is essential, however, for shareholders to click the link and read the whole newsletter.  Our newsletters are not just the few sentences you see in this group email.  There is always a link to the full newsletter at the bottom.  The newsletter is where you get a list of everything in you share for the week.  There are pictures of everything in the share for the week  and, this year we will have a video unpacking of each week's share.  The newsletter is also where all the recipes are posted.  These recipes are posted especially for that week's veggies.  And, if there is any other information that shareholders need for the week it is in the newsletter.  One example is the info on the add-on shares that was posted in last week's newsletter.  Every year we have shareholders who contact us halfway through the summer or even after the shares have ended asking for pictures or recipes that have been in the newsletter every week already.  Please, especially if you are a shareholder, follow the link and read the full newsletter.      

3. Add-on shares are available for CSA shareholders.  As per last week's newsletter we have posted add-on shares on our website.  These are for CSA shareholders only.  This is not because we don't want to share all the local farming goodness with everyone.  This is because add-on shares are one of the perks of being a shareholder.  Shareholders, please look at the page for add-on shares in this link. http://www.troggshollow.com/home/program/2014-add-on-shares We do this because so many shareholders ask for these add-ons.  If nobody signs up for anything then we won't do it anymore.  FYI, we don't make money off add-on shares.  On some items we add a little to the cost to help offset the fuel and time needed to get everything together and to you but that's all.  

2. Farm events are for everyone.  Let it be known that unless we otherwise say so farm events are for anyone to attend - friends, customers, shareholders and even foreign dignitaries.  We will try to hold 4 farm events every year in May, June, August and September.  Each event will have music, local producers talking about their stuff, a wonderful potluck, demonstrations or farm tours and a bonfire.  Due to county laws, these are invite only, but if you are on the email list, or the Facebook list or any other list, you are invited.  The only requirement to attending a farm event is to bring some food to share and a happy face.  

Our May Day Celebration is this Saturday.  Here's the details link.  https://www.facebook.com/events/790286054317870/  and here's another one - http://www.troggshollow.com/home/events/2014-may-day-celebration Please plan on coming out and meeting and greeting us and everyone.  

1. Trogg's Hollow is not FIGHT CLUB.  The first rule of Trogg's Hollow is that you do talk about Trogg's Hollow!  We love it and we need it.  We need you to share, tweet, post, email and talk about your farm all the time.  We are a CSA farm - community supported agriculture.  Without community we would not be anything but agriculture and we all know where that's gotten us.  Everything we do is to build a community around small farms - not just ours, but all the small local farms.  We, as small farmers, need that community back for, yes, financial support, but also emotional and physical support as well.  And, our communities need us back for financial, nutritional and emotional support as well.  Please, please, please, talk about Trogg's Hollow. 

Okay, that's all.  For now.  

Hopefully we will see everyone this Saturday.  Looks like it's going to be a great day.