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3/21/14 Newsletter

posted Mar 21, 2014, 4:32 PM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Mar 21, 2014, 4:32 PM ]
Hey you guys!

So it sure has been a busy week.  Not just because we had to gather all our contact info from Good Food Fest, but we had to seed 4 germination chambers full of soil blocks (2 more to go) and we had our NIU CAUSE presentation on Tuesday night.  

So thank you to everyone at Good Food Fest for stopping by and saying hi!  Also, thank you to NIU CAUSE and the NIU Department of Health and Human Sciences and NIU Honors for having us out to talk about Trogg's Hollow and the importance of local food.  

We're not posting a real newsletter this week, but here's some quick news.  We'll get back to the regular newsletter post next week.  

As I said, there was great turnout at Good Food Fest.  There are videos up on our YouTube Channel for anyone who didn't get to see the Band of Farmers perform after the festival.  Here's the Link - clicky!  You should subscribe to our channel.  It's really cool.

Great to see NIU because both Marcy and I went to school there.  It was also great to see the Honors suite after so many years because we lived there when we weren't in class or sleeping. The NIU CAUSE group had some great comments and questions and now it looks like we may have a pickup site at NIU itself!!

This week we also got a bunch more farm family members.  We just came home with 20 chick and ducklings.  Our friend Lisa at The Self Sufficient Homeacre incubated a few and we got them some friends.  All for eggs this summer and next.  Check out our new YouTube video for some up close and personal time with a couple of them.   There's also a cool video of their homecoming on Facebook.  

Finally, we'll be at Melt Fest in Rockford tomorrow.  Come on out and ice skate and tour the old brewery and take a trolley ride, all for free.  This is all in celebration of the thaw, finally!  We'll be out there with our propaganda as well as letting the little ones plant seeds for their own summer gardens.   And if you haven't signed up for a share yet, you should.  They're going fast.  

Okay, well bye for this week.  More next week.  

See you soon.  

Farmer Trogg