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06/25/14 Newsletter

posted Jun 25, 2014, 4:40 PM by Trogg's Hollow   [ updated Jun 25, 2014, 4:40 PM ]
Happy Summer everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the weird rain and wonderful sun we’ve been getting, and I hope no one’s basement is terribly flooded. But Summer is here! Lightening bugs are out! It’s official.

This is the second week of shares. For those of you who did not start half shares last week, this is your first week (Group B). If you did get a half share last week, don’t pick one up this week (Group A). Things went really well last week, even considering our truck issues, and everyone worked together to make sure everyone got their food. Thanks to all of you who helped make last week smoother than it could have been. You guys are an amazing community.

Just a reminder for this week - pick up your food! Please bring your own bags to fill, and leave the bins behind. It’s one less thing to keep track of, and we don’t have to keep buying new bins. Also, pick up your shares before 8PM if you’re picking up at someone’s house. Elgin, for you we’re in town until 7PM.

On that note - yes, thanks to our awesome neighbors (thanks again Kristen and Cliff!) our truck is OUT of the mud. We are lucky to have a really great little country neighborhood out here, and  so many helpful friends!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Openfields Farm Tour this weekend - we had a couple really good sized groups come through (including curious neighbors - which is awesome) and it was fun to show everyone around the farm and explain what we do. And after that, despite the rain (which stopped eventually, and then the SUN came out), we had a wonderful Summer Solstice Celebration out here, with great vendors, an awesome and tasty pickling demo, fantastic music from Moondragon, and a potluck that did not disappoint.

We WILL be at both markets this week, so come see us. The kids and I might even make it to Elgin for a few hours.The Elgin Harvest Market runs from 9-2 on Thursday, and the Huntley Farmers Market is on Saturday from 8-1.  Also, remember that if you can’t make it to the Elgin Harvest Market by 2pm Farmer Trogg will be working in the Elgin field until 7pm. 

For those of you who love getting your hands dirty, or want to help, or want to work on your tan, we’re looking for volunteers to come help weed at the Poplar Grove Farm! This rain has really “helped” the weeds along and we have plenty to go around. So if anyone wants to come and pull for a few hours (or all day), please do. We’re here working Tues-Fri. If Saturday is better, I’m around, but Trogg is at the market until after 1. Thanks!