Family friendly, community involved CSA
By: Jenny Theriault    (Jan 20, 2014)

We have been members of Trogg's Hollow's CSA for three years. I was not much of a vegetable lover/eater, so I was a bit hesitant to sign up for fresh, regular veggies that I'd actually have to incorporate into our weekly meals. However, I quickly learned that if I went a little out of my comfort zone and tried new things, I would feel great about the local, healthy produce that I'm feeding my family. I also love that we can point to a farm off of Randall Road and remind the kids that some of our veggies are grown right there. Chris and Marcy are very knowledgeable and helpful (they'll patiently explain what a veggie is and/or how to cook it every time). I highly recommend Trogg's Hollow. This is a family friendly, community involved farm that has spectacular communication with its members.

Heather Engel Zoldak
You were well represented at our Christmas dinner - carrot soup, spinach salad and mashed cauliflower. And it was all delicious. Thank you for the bounty of wonderful food!

Sandy Kaptain
Like your veggies at Harvest Market!

Fantastic Veggies and Great People!
By: Sara Naden    (Nov 30, 2012)

Troggs Hollow has wonderful vegetables, geneours share portions and the Taste.... no watered down bland taste their veggies just taste better! Chris and Marci are wonderfull people and I am pleased to have known them for several years now. They honestly care about the quality of there vegetables taking great steps to ensure the health of the soil that they grow in. They also care for their share holders and they even have recipes to share! You can't go wrong with these guys, look them up!

We love Trogg's Hollow
By: Jennifer Whitney    (Nov 26, 2012)

This was our family's first experience with a CSA and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The offerings were fresh and delicious and I loved being able to reference the weekly newsletter for recipes for foods that were new to our family. Each time I went for my pick up I was greeted kindly by the Trogg's Hollow staff who would take the time to walk me through the contents of my bin. For a newbie like me the ability to then go back to the newsletter to see photos and ID the items again was invaluable. The Trogg's Hollow family has a passion for what they do and it shows!

Our excellent introduction to the world of CSAs
By: Maureen Himmel    (Nov 25, 2012)

This summer was the first time we purchased a share. We loved the variety of vegetables, we loved the fresh, robust taste of the food. We ate and loved some foods we'd never tried before. I especially grew to appreciate the arrival of our veggies in their earthy natural state, instead of the plasticized version of foods we get at the grocery store. This is a darling family with a great work ethic and they have a great thing going.

Maureen Grady Himmel
Just want you to know, you guys are doing a great job! Another delicious dinner with your greens:

Nicole Parsons
The beans, wow....they are incredible! ;)

Thanks for the great lettuce mix and great service. Looking forward to more!

What a great place to start your CSA exerience
By: CJ Buck    (Nov 15, 2011)

2011 was the first year we decided to adopt a CSA into our lives. Troggs Hollow is a pioneer in an urban farming environment and tying it to a business plan. From the first share of beautiful lettuces and baby greens, to the squashes and potatoes in the last share the trip up to Elgin worth it.

For any folks considering a CSA remember the share you receive each week will dictate your menu. It is an adjustment, but with only two of us and a full share we were overhelmed some weeks if I didn't plan our meals accordingly.

Without fail every week we received a newsletter that outlined what we would find in our share, an update on how the crops are growing, along with a suggested recipe.

If you are committed to supporting local business ventures and want to feed your family wholesome vegetables I encourage you to bring the Troggs Hollow farm into your family.

You can be involved as much as you want with Troggs Hollow, but if you want to know the folks who provide you food and want to support their business venture, then sign on. We did again for 2012.

Loved it
By: Mary Fleming    (Oct 21, 2011)

I signed up for the first time this year and was happily surprised at the quality and amount of organic produce given to me each week. Chris and Marcy are so knowlegable and have a passion for providing local, organic food to their family...and luckily, to us as well.
A great opportunity to support truly local farming!
By: Shannon Pennington    (Oct 20, 2011)

I am excited that I have access to a family-owned farm that produces such a fantastic variety of organic produce so close to my suburban home! The owners are friendly, knowledgable, and completely committed to their work, product, and customers.

Friendly Family Farm
By: Sara K.    (Feb 3, 2011)

I joined this CSA last year, and enthusiastically signed up again this year. They had amazing heirloom tomatoes, and the purple pole beans were gorgeous. All the produce was freshly picked, and you could definitely taste the difference. Shopping at the grocery store this winter has reminded me of how much I missed Trogg's Hollow.

Great experience with Trogg's Hollow farm
By: Bonnie Rimer    (Jan 25, 2011)

We had a great experience with the Prchal's and Trogg's Hollow. Wonderful vegetables, fresh and delicious! The Prchal's are very knowledgeable about their product and easy to work with, always willing to answer all our questions. We'll definitely be back this year for more veggies! The Rimer Family

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