Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide people from the Chicagoland and Rockford area with natural, chemical-free food as well as the opportunity to know their farmer and be part of a welcoming farm community 

About Us

Trogg's Hollow CSA and Market Farm is a family-owned and run farm doing biointensive urban farming located in Poplar Grove, Illinois.   We offer year-round and 4-week session veggie CSA shares.  We also sell seasonal veggies at local farmers markets and at our on-farm stand.  

We have always been passionate about growing vegetables, and in 2009 we expanded our personal growing space to start producing enough for other families. Our goal is to grow good food naturally and to live and farm as sustainably as possible.

All our growing methods are to organic certification standards but we take it a step further by applying no chemicals, neither organic nor inorganic, except those that Mother Nature drops on our farm. This is the way our grandparents and great grandparents grew veggies and we continue this time tested method.  We do this so that our children, or anyone, can walk into our field, pick a veggie and eat it there without worrying what may be on or in it. 

All of our pests are taken care of by hand or by our farm animals. Soil nutrition is  built through regenerative agriculture so all animal and vegetable waste is returned to the soil.  Further green manure is planted and tilled under as we rotate our vegetables and animals through our 8 acres over an 8 year cycle.  

Farm Family

The Trogg's hollow farm family is made up of ourselves and children as well as all volunteers,  farm hands and animals. 


We also welcome in our local community, and shareholders and market customers.  4 times a year we have on-farm events to bring everyone together with music, demonstrations, kids activities, hay rides, farm tours, camping, and a potluck and bonfire.