Here the list of all the veggie varieties we are growing.
Any veggie variety marked with a * is an experiment for us and if it goes well will be available too.

Plant Variety
Artichoke* Tavor Artichoke*
Bean Provider Snap Bush Bean
Bean Gold Rush Wax Bean
Bean Royal Burgundy Bush Bean
Bean Dragon Langerie Bush Bean
Bean, Dry* Calypso Bean*
Bean, Dry* Speckled Cranberry Bean*
Bean, Dry* Hutterite Soup Bean*
Bean, Dry* Hidatsa Shield Bean*
Beet Detroit Dark Red Beet
Beet Guardsmark Chioggia Beet
Broccoli Belstar F1 Hybrid Broccoli
Brussels Sprouts Nautic F1 Hybrid Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage Farao F1 Hybrid Cabbage
Cabbage Kaitlin F1 Cabbage
Cabbage Buscaro F1 Hybrid Cabbage
Cabbage, Chinese Bilko F1 Hybrid Cabbage
Carrot Scarlet Nantes Carrot
Carrot Danvers 126 Carrot
Carrot Dragon Carrot
Carrot Yaya F1 Hybrid Carrot
Cauliflower Skywalker F1 Hybrid Cauliflower
Celery Tango Celery
Chard Improved Rainbow Mix Chard
Collards Georgia Collards
Corn, Ornamental Painted Mountain Flour Corn
Cucumber National Pickling Cucumber
Cucumber Saber F1 Hybrid Cucumber
Cucumber Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Eggplant Black Beauty Eggplant
Eggplant Listada di Gandia Eggplant
Fennel Perfection Fennel
Gourd Ornamental Gourd
Gourd Bottle Gourd
Kale Red Russian Kale
Kale Vates Kale
Kohlrabi Korridor F1 Hybrid Kohlrabi
Leek Varna Leek
Leek King Richard Leek
Lettuce, Butterhead Pirat Lettuce
Lettuce, Iceberg Boulder Lettuce
Lettuce, Leaf Lovelock Lettuce
Lettuce, Leaf Nevada Lettuce
Lettuce, Romaine Cimarron Lettuce
Lettuce, Romaine Green Towers Lettuce
Melon PMR Delicious 51 Melon
Onion Gladstone Onion
Onion Siskiyou Sweet Walla Walla Onion
Pea Sugar Ann Snap Pea
Pea Sugar Snap Pea
Pepper, Hot Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax Pepper
Pepper, Hot Early Jalapeno Pepper
Pepper, Hot Magnum Orange Habenero Pepper
Pepper, Sweet California Wonder Pepper
Pepper, Sweet Golden California Wonder Pepper
Popcorn* Tom Thumb Popcorn*
Potato Yukon Gold Potato
Potato Red Norland Potato
Potato All Blue Potato
Potato Burbank Russet Potato
Pumpkin Cider Jack F1 Hybrid Pumpkin
Pumpkin Jack Be Little Pumpkin
Pumpkin Baby Pam Pumpkin
Pumpkin Kakai Hulless Pumpkin
Pumpkin Musque de Provence Pumpkin
Radish French Breakfast Radish
Radish Cherry Belle Radish
Radish White Icicle Radish
Spinach Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Spinach Renegade F1 Hybrid Spinach
Squash, Summer Success PM Straightneck Summer Squash
Squash, Summer Dark Green Scallopini F1 Summer Squash
Squash, Summer Yellow Scallopini F1 Hybrid Summer Squash
Squash, Winter Spaghetti Winter Squash
Squash, Winter Nutterbutter Winter Squash
Squash, Winter Sweet REBA Acorn Winter Squash
Squash, Winter Delicata Winter Squash
Tomatillo Toma Verde Tomatillo
Tomatillo Purple Tomatillo
Tomato Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato
Tomato Green Zebra Tomato
Tomato, Cherry Montesino F1 Tomato
Tomato, Cherry Toronjino F1 Tomato
Tomato, Cherry Sweetie Cherry Tomato
Tomato, Cherry Peacevine Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Moskovich Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Yellow Perfection Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Rose de Berne Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Brandywine Tomato
Tomato, Heirloom Yellow Brandywine Tomato
Watermelon Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Watermelon Sugar Baby Watermelon
Zucchini Partenon F1 Hybrid Zucchini
Zucchini Goldy F1 Hybrid Zucchini
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