Trogg's Hollow May Day Celebration
May 4, 2013

Every year we host a meet and greet for our CSA members at the beginning of the season. This usually consists of a potluck lunch and us talking for awhile and it's a good opportunity for us to get to know our members a little bit before we get absorbed by the season. This year we want to do something a little different and we're hoping you might like to be a part of it. We are planning a May Day celebration. This will take place on Saturday, May 4 starting at 3PM at our farm in Poplar Grove, IL.

We will be showcasing not only us and our farm, but other local producers that we work with and that fit in well with our business philosophy. While Food Day is officially "celebrated" in October we feel the beginning of the season is the time to bring local food and other products to the forefront. We want to provide a platform for producers to discuss and possibly sell their goods to a new audience in the hopes of exposing people to the options for local food around them.  We hope to have local producers of eggs, veggies, chicken, turkeys, pork, beef, soap, beer, wine, and honey as well as local farm educators and organizations.  

We are going with a May Day theme, because it fits us and our lifestyle. While it may not officially be May Day, the 1st of May, it is the closest weekend day when we can celebrate it.  This will be a nice way to welcome in the new season.

        3pm - Local producers tables - info and items for sale

        3pm-6pm - kids and adult activities - face painting, crafts, a Maypole, singing and dancing,

    • face painting

    • May Day crafts

    • Maypole

    • Singing and dancing

    • Animals with which to interact

        5pm - Trogg’s Hollow local producer presentation and farm introduction

        5:30pm - Formal farm tour and demonstrations

        6pm - Potluck dinner with live music from Opus Dog

        7pm or so - Bonfire with music/sing-along

Here’s a few things to remember.  This is a farm.  We have animals that lick and quack and poop and bark.  Just like last year, don't wear your Sunday best and be ready for a rainy farmy mess.  In the event of rain, producers and other events will be moved inside the barn or shop, but things are still drippy.  

There will be no charge for attendance.  We just want to help provide a way for more direct interaction between the local community and local producers.  You should come!  Visit your local veggie farm.  Say hi to other local producers.  Learn about our farm.  Stay for the whole event or even drop in for just a little while.  We will not be cooking food due to health code regulations, so please bring a prepared dish if you wish to stick around for the potluck dinner.  We will have electric available for crockpots and such.  

Finally, we are not asking for RSVPs, but if you’d like to let us know you’re coming that would be great so we know we won’t be out here by ourselves all day.

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