2016 Sustainable Shares

Sustainable shares are year round vegetable shares.   This year we are only accepting 25 weekly sustainable shares.  We are dedicating 1 acre to these 25 sustainable shareholders.  Everything from this acre will go to you.  Based on our previous 6 years of CSA production, 25 shares is 10 fewer than the normal amount of shares we get per acre.  This means there will be surplus from this acre!

These shares are 26L (¾ bu.) a week and should be enough to sustain a family of 4.  The shares begin in April and finish in March of the following year.  Based on our growing season in northern Illinois, we anticipate supplying 36+ weeks of fresh veggies - basically Spring, Summer and Fall.  During prime growing months (June, July, August and September), we will can or freeze surplus veggies for you, or send home the surplus for you to preserve as you wish.  Winter veggies will either be fresh, as Mother Nature allows, or preserved veggies from these surpluses earlier in the year.  

What will you get and when will you get it?  

You should expect greens and root crops in April, May and into June.  In June and July the greens will also come with cabbage, beans, peas, cucumbers and summer squash.  As we get into July, the peas and greens will slow.  Beans, cucumbers, and summer squash will continue and be joined by broccoli, onions, and cherry tomatoes.  August will see the tomatoes and peppers turn on strong.  In September, tomatoes and peppers, onions, summer squash and cucumbers will be rejoined with greens and roots.  As September ends and October begins, greens and roots will come back strong again with winter squash, broccoli, potatoes, and maybe still some peppers and summer squash.  November brings in the Brussels sprouts and cold weather greens, as well as roots, potatoes, and winter squash.  In December shares will return to the greens and root crops we started with in April.  January, February and March will be more of the same, if it is warm enough, but also supplemented with preserved surpluses from summer.  

How much and where?

As with our other shares we will offer either weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions.  Weekly subscriptions will be $1800/yr, and bi-weekly subscriptions will be $1000/yr.   These payments can be made all up front or in installments.  All installment payments must be completed before 10/1/16.  We accept cash, check and credit card payments.  With credit card payments there is an additional 2.75% fee assessed by the processing company.  

Shares can be picked up at any of our drop locations.  In 2016, our drop locations are as follows: Poplar Grove, Rockford City Market, Huntley Farmers Market, West Dundee, Berwyn/Oak Park, Arlington Heights, Wheaton, Elgin, Logan Square Farmers Market and Sycamore/Dekalb.   We are also hoping to set up a St. Charles/Geneva drop this year.

Things you should know as a sustainable shareholder

This is our first year of year round shares.  We aim to fill shares for at least the 36 weeks we normally have veggies.  We also aim to have enough surplus to make sure you have local veggies in the winter through preservation.  However, Mother Nature is our boss.  If she says growing is done, or even that growing cannot start, then we have to listen. Also, it is your responsibility to pick up your shares at the site to which you agreed, and at the proper day and time.  If something comes up that interferes with your pickup let us know ASAP.  We always do what we can to accommodate, but in the end it is your responsibility.  

The pros of being a sustainable shareholder are numerous.  First, you are getting a bigger share each week than the other shareholders.  You are also going to be getting any surplus we have, whether that is by way of us canning or freezing your extras, or getting it to you to preserve as you wish.  During the Winter months, if we have any fresh veggies, you get them.  Finally, you are directly making sure that this farm stays financially sustainable and that we, the farmers, will get paid for our work.  

What are the cons?  That’s a lot of money! There is a bigger risk for you in regards to not getting as good of a return on your money.  If there is a problem in the field that causes crop failure you have more money to lose.  Also, if you only use the 36 week growing season as a guide you are paying more money than other shareholders who pick 9, 4 week shares.  (Of course, they don’t get surplus nor do they get anything after those 9, 4 week shares end, nor are their shares as big.)   

Another thing you should know is that we are looking at making home delivery available to sustainable shareholders.  Of course, this depends on how many sustainable shareholders we get, and how many 4-week shareholders we need to make up for not reaching our goal of 25 sustainable shares.  25 weekly sustainable shares makes it so we don’t have to work for any other shareholders this year.  If we get 15 weekly sustainable share, we will need to make up the difference, on another acre, with 30 - 16 week shareholders to make our financial goals.

Finally, we will be working out pricing on year-round honey, meat, pork, eggs, fish and grain.  We hope to have these add-ons priced out and ready by January.  These prices depend on the other farmers (for now).  

If all of this looks good to you then please click on the link below and fill out the form to become a 2016 sustainable shareholder.  

Sign up link to 2016 sustainable shareholder application.  

If you have any further questions or concerns please email us at troggshollow@troggshollow.com. Or, call 872.222.5584 - our phone service out here isn’t great but we will get back to you if we miss your call.  


Momma Marcy and Farmer Trogg