2016 CSA Shares are sold out.  Come visit us at our farmers markets.

Trogg’s Hollow is now taking sign-ups for our 2016 CSA Shares.  We grow our veggies without any chemicals, neither organic nor conventional.  Our only off-farm inputs are the seeds we cannot save ourselves and an organic dairy cow manure seed starting compost mix from Wisconsin.  All weeds are removed by hand or with the help of hand tools.  All pests are removed by hand or by our working animals - chickens, guinea fowl, cats and dogs.  All soil nutrition is provided by our cover crop or animals manure.   If you are interested in becoming part of our 2016 farm family and receiving a weekly (or bi-weekly) share of wonderfully fresh vegetables, read on.  This year we have two different share programs - Regular Shares and Sustainable shares.  

Here is an example of 2015 shares being packed:

Included in membership:
Weekly or bi-weekly shares of fresh naturally grown veggies
Access to add-on shares from other local producers
pastured eggs
raw honey
grass fed meat
Berkshire pork
ancient grains and beans
line caught salmon
chemical free raspberries
organic blueberries
organic apples
Weekly newsletters with wonderful recipes and happenings on the farm
First claims to purchase any extra produce for the week
Participation in farm events such as our spring meet and greet, composting and canning demos, campouts on the farm and a shareholder harvest potluck.
Here is a glimpse of previous farm events:

Two different share programs:
This year we will be offering Regular and Sustainable share programs in our usual weekly and bi-weekly schedules.  Regular shares are 4-week session shares that allow you to pick and choose sessions based on your schedule and veggie preference.  Regular shares are 17L (½ bu.).  These are the same size as previous year’s shares.  Each 4-week session costs $150 for weekly and $85 for bi-weekly delivery.  

Sustainable shares are year round shares that allow you to make a bigger contribution to the farm, and share an acre of produce with only 25 other weekly sustainable shareholders.  Sustainable shareholders will receive shares all year with winter shares containing preserved veggies from the surplus over the summer.  Sustainable shares are 26L (¾ bu.)  These shares are a little bigger than previous year’s shares.  Each sustainable share costs $1800 for weekly and $1000 for bi-weekly delivery.  

Pickup sites:
Shares can be picked up at any of our drop locations.  In 2016, our drop locations are as follows: Poplar Grove, Rockford City Market, Huntley Farmers Market, West Dundee, Berwyn/Oak Park, Arlington Heights, Wheaton, Elgin, Logan Square Farmers Market and Sycamore/Dekalb.  We are also hoping to start up a St. Charles/Geneva drop this year.    

Payment options:
Both Regular and Sustainable Shares can be paid in full upfront or in installments.  Each regular session share must be paid in full 90 days before the session starts.  Sustainable shares must be paid in full before 10/1/16.  We accept cash, check and credit card payments.  With credit card payments there is an additional 2.75% fee assessed by the processing company.  

Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation email.  Upon receiving confirmation from you an invoice will be sent from our Square account, and you can choose which form of payment you wish to use.  

To sign up for a 2016 share please choose which program you wish to sign up for from the links below.  You will be taken to a full description of that program for clarification.  

If you have any further questions or concerns please email us at troggshollow@troggshollow.com. Or, call 872.222.5584 - our phone service out here isn’t great but we will get back to you if we miss your call.  

Momma Marcy and Farmer Trogg