Trogg's Hollow is committed to growing things as organically, naturally and sustainably as we can for ourselves and our CSA members. Winter shares will consist mainly of greens (kale, arugula, lettuce, mesclun, baby pac choy, Swiss chard, beet greens and spinach) and root crops (beets, turnips, radishes, and carrots).  Depending on Mother Nature, broccoli, onions, winter squash and a few other veggies may show up as well. We aim to supply 1/2 bushel (17.6 L) shares for 8 weeks starting with the first week of November.   

Everything is dependent on the weather as usual.  If we get a winter like last year then the shares will go for a shorter period of time.  However, we have had crops growing in our tunnels all winter in previous years.  Because of this, we are offering several different shares for this season.  We are offering weekly and biweekly 8-week and 4 week shares, and pay as you go shares.  Also, feel free to write or call during the season if you feel the itch for a share out of the blue.  If we have it, we will get it to you. There will be a hierarchy of shares which will determine which shareholders get shares as crops start to succumb to winter as follows.

Weekly 8-week shareholders
Biweekly 8-week shareholders (4 shares over 8 weeks)
Weekly 4-week shareholders
Biweekly 4-week shareholders (2 shares over 4 weeks)
Pay as you go commitment shareholders
One off/write-in shareholders

What this means is that as November turns to December and the cold starts slowing down the harvest, the shareholders at the top of that list will be filled first.  We will progress down the hierarchy until we run out of veggies that week.  So, if you want to make sure you get veggies from November through the end of the year, if we have them, then sign up and pay for an 8-week share.   Also, if the veggies are still producing into 2015, we will be offering them up weekly using the same hierarchy, unless you tell us to take you from the list.  

Shares will definitely be available in Elgin and at the home farm in Poplar Grove.  As to other regular season drop sites, if we get enough folks signing up, we will bring shares.  If you want to sign up but don't want to pick up in Elgin or Poplar Grove, then chose other and list where you want to pick up.  We will let you know if we can get it to you.  

Finally, shares will be available on Thursdays.  We will have a pick-up window and an address for each site as we see where shareholders are.  During the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas shares will be available on the Tuesday before.  

And, yes, we will have eggs.  We don't know how many yet.  We will let you know.  Winter shareholders get them first.  

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