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2010 Program

For what's left of the 2010 Season we will be running 2 programs - the Weekly 1/2 Bushel and the A La Carte.  Each program will be pay on pickup/delivery and first reserved/first filled.  Weekly 1/2 bushel orders will be fulfilled first.  Also, Weekly 1/2 Bushel members will be given first dibs on any items that are above and beyond the regular program, i.e. Southern Illinois Peaches.  You can check the Veggie List to see what we expect to be ripe each week through the 4th week of October.  All orders will be pickup/delivery on the Thursday of that week. Once we have a list of commitments we will decide if and to where we will be delivering or if and from where members will need to pickup their orders. 

Weekly 1/2 Bushel

This is a box/basket/bag of weekly produce approximately 1/2 bushel in size; some weeks may be a little more while some weeks may be a little less depending on how Mother Nature treats us.  Here's a picture of what to expect.  We will start with 5 weekly 1/2 bushel members.  If we find we have enough for more weekly 1/2 bushel members we will contact the next interested party on the list and so on.  To participate we will need a commitment to purchase a weekly 1/2 bushel mix of produce through the 4th week of October.  There will be no upfront lump sum to pay.  It will be pay on pickup/delivery.  However, we require a commitment to buy so that we can know how much produce is left for the A La Carte program.  If a weekly 1/2 bushel pickup/delivery is missed that member will be removed from the Weekly 1/2 bushel program and need to purchase a la carte for the remainder of the year.  Please contact us in advance if there are extenuating circumstances and we will do our best to work with you.  Weekly 1/2 bushels will cost $25.00 per week and will contain a mix of vegetables and herbs that are ripe that week.   

A La Carte
A La Carte availability will be announced weekly on (hopefully) the Monday of each week.  We will list how much of each type of vegetable is available for that week.  It will be first reserved/first filled.  There is no commitment to buy until you  place a weekly order.  A la carte items will be sold in pints, bunches, individually or by the pound.  Prices for the A La Carte program are listed on the Price List and may change, so please review the Price List before committing to a weekly order.  Any a la carte members who miss pickup/delivery will be placed at the end of the list for the next week regardless of when their order is placed.     

If you are interested in either of our programs please go to our Contact Us page and give us your contact info and let us know which program fits you best.  We will then contact you about that program as soon as is appropriate.