2016 Regular Shares

2016 regular shares are 4-week share sessions that shareholders can pick and choose based on their schedules.  This also allows shareholders to choose not to receive shares during periods when veggies they don’t like are abundant in shares, and sign up for extra shares during periods they may wish to get more.  

These shares are 17L (½ bu.) a week and should be enough for a family of 4.  The 4-week share sessions begin in May and finish in October.  There will also be 2 early Spring and 2 late fall sessions that you can choose but do not require upfront payment.  They are pay as you go because Mother Nature can stop us from starting early harvesting and prevent us from harvesting too late into the fall.  

What are the 4-week sessions?

The 4-week sessions you can choose from are as follows.  

Session 1
3/17 - 4/7 - Pay as you go
Session 4
6/23 - 7/14
Session 7
9/22 - 10/13
Session 2
4/14 - 5/5 - Pay as you go
Session 5
7/21 - 8/11
Session 8
11/3 - 11/24 - Pay as you go
Session 3
5/19 - 6/9
Session 6
8/18 - 9/8
Session 9
12/1 - 12-22 - Pay as you go

Only sessions 3 - 7 require upfront payment 90 days in advance.  Session 1,2,8 and 9 are all paid on pick-up, due to Mother Nature.  

*Note to returning shareholders: by picking sessions 4,5,6 and 7 you are getting nearly the same program as previous years.  If you wish to do exactly the same as previous years please send us an email and we’ll take care of you.  

What will you get and when will you get it?  
You should expect greens and root crops in April, May and into June.  In June and July the greens will also come with cabbage, beans, peas, cucumbers and summer squash.  As we get into July, the peas and greens will slow.  Beans, cucumbers, and summer squash will continue and be joined by broccoli, onions, and cherry tomatoes.  August will see the tomatoes and peppers turn on strong.  In September, tomatoes and peppers, onions, summer squash and cucumbers will be rejoined with greens and roots.  As September ends and October begins, greens and roots will come back strong again with winter squash, broccoli, potatoes, and maybe still some peppers and summer squash.  November brings in the Brussels sprouts and cold weather greens, as well as roots, potatoes, and winter squash.  In December shares will return to the greens and root crops we started with in April.  

How much and where?
As usual, we will offer either weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions.  Weekly subscriptions will be  $150 per 4-week session, and bi-weekly subscriptions will be $85 per 4-week session.  These payments can be made all up front or in installments.  All payments must be received 90 days prior to the 4-week session they are for.  We accept cash, check and credit card payments.  With credit card payments there is an additional 2.75% fee assessed by the processing company.  

Shares can be picked up at any of our drop locations.  In 2016, our drop locations are as follows: Poplar Grove, Rockford City Market, Huntley Farmers Market, West Dundee, Berwyn/Oak Park, Arlington Heights, Wheaton, Elgin, Logan Square Farmers Market and Sycamore/Dekalb.  We are also hoping to start up a St. Charles/Geneva drop this year.  

Things you should know as a regular shareholder
Our main growing season in northern Illinois is from around mid-May through Mid-October.  We try to grow earlier and later as well.   However, Mother Nature is our boss.  If she says growing is done, or even that growing cannot start, then we have to listen.  Also, it is your responsibility to pick up your shares at the site to which you agreed, and at the proper day and time.  If something comes up that interferes with your pickup let us know ASAP.  We always do what we can to accommodate, but in the end it is your responsibility.  

We do sell at local farmers markets, however, all shares are packed first.  Only surplus goes to farmers markets for sale.  

Finally, we will be working out pricing on add-on honey, meat, pork, eggs, fish and grain.  We hope to have these add-ons priced out and ready by January.   Add-on shares will only be for veggie shareholders.  These prices depend on the other farmers (for now).  

If all of this looks good to you then please click on the link below and fill out the form to become a 2016 sustainable shareholder.  

If you have any further questions or concerns please email us at troggshollow@troggshollow.com. Or, call 872.222.5584 - our phone service out here isn’t great but we will get back to you if we miss your call.  

Momma Marcy and Farmer Trogg